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Compass Consultants helps people and organizations significantly improve employee performance, engagement and - ultimately - the bottom line.

Using evidence-based research from the arena of positive organizational scholarship, as well as our 50 years of combined experience as lawyers and managers in the public, private and non-profit sectors, we help clients cultivate and amplify employee engagement, employee motivation, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

We guide our clients through conflict minimization, performance management, staff engagement, and the art of managing difficult conversations; building a more productive, profitable and inclusive workplace. We create customized programs that deliver real results in the domains of leadership, performance sustainability, and talent management.

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Organizational Success

Organizations are expected to proficiently produce and make a profit. They can also be a venue for growth, learning, engagement, strength, collaboration, abundance, connectedness and quality. By harnessing cutting-edge, evidence-based organizational theory and practice, your organization can become a thriving enterprise. We create customized programs that deliver real results in the domains of leadership, performance sustainability over the employment life cycle, talent management and managing change.

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Individual Excellence

An individual’s character and positive aspects, expressed in the workplace and beyond, form the foundation for success across domains. Work is more than a paycheck or list of tasks and not all work happens in the context of an organization. Work can be a source of meaning and purpose, a vehicle to expand and flourish and provide an opportunity to unlock talent, develop skills and realize personal and professional goals. Operating from a strengths-oriented platform, we can help you harness and amplify you at your best to refine, grow and achieve your objectives.

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Professional Development

Professional development is not just another training platform. It contemplates interventions to establish firm culture and best practices, enhance the performance of the individual, team and/or organization and create a launch point for excellence at all levels. We move beyond rote, pre-packaged activities to dynamic, specifically tailored, experiential resources and programs to augment, implement and teach critical skills.

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Next Steps...

Compass Consultants will design a customized plan to help you aim for, achieve and accomplish your personal and organizational intentions. We are committed to bringing you the best in evidence-based theory and practice from the fields of positive organizational scholarship, organizational behavior, positive psychology and leadership development to translate ideals into action and increase the effectiveness and profitability of your enterprise.