Why Focus on the Individual?

No individual or organization stands alone. The work of any organization is a function of the collective effort of its employees. By harnessing the inherent capabilities that every individual possesses and actively and intentionally deploying them to create more positive environments and individual growth, both the individual and organization are primed for success.

Why Coaching?

Because it works! Coaching helps identify what is going well and what is not. Focused interaction provides opportunity for dialogue, increased self-awareness, practical solutions for addressing issues and building on success, promoting workplace engagement and working through challenges.


Career Focus and Enhancement

Much has been written about the difference between a job as a means to an end and a career as a pathway to increasing knowledge and responsibility over time and positions. Wherever you are in your work life, it is possible to unlock and create meaning and intrinsic and extrinsic rewards as well as to determine next best steps to achieve personal and professional goals. We can help you work with tools to examine where you were, where you are and where you want to be and how you want to get there. At the organizational level, we can work on systems and mechanisms to amplify existing and create new opportunities.

Practical Wisdom and Judgment

Wisdom is within everyone. Operationalizing wisdom requires  accessing what you already know, perceiving what is important, matching skills with action; balancing conflicting objectives; learning from experience and aligning intention with behavior, all of which are skills that can be developed. Strategies can be taught to distinguish among options and employ imagination and judgment; balance competing factors; read nuance; self-regulate; learn from mistakes and others; seek feedback for errors; use emotions in service of goals; and integrate what you know and learn by integrating from experience.

Using Your Compass to Reach Goals

Research has shown that deliberately, autonomously pursuing goals and increasing self-awareness to realistically evaluate capabilities, obstacles and progress promotes confidence, positive outcomes and peak functioning. The ability to identify goals, set intentions and incorporate the required behaviors to execute those goals is quite individualized as is navigating particular pathways to success. Strategies and techniques can be learned to decode feelings, behaviors, beliefs and events to coordinate the actions needed to effectively pursue goals, thus maximizing the ability to interpret the past and present and inform future action.

Next Steps...

Compass Consultants will design a customized plan to help you identify your needs and aim for, achieve and accomplish your personal and organizational needs and intentions.