Thriving Organizations

The emerging fields of positive organizational scholarship and positive organizational behavior have connected positive psychology principles to the study of work and organizations by looking past the ‘work of work’ to how to facilitate and sustain behavior, structures, processes, dynamics, leadership, and synergies that expand the experiences of organization members, the organization as an entity and its external impact; and the traits, characteristics and behaviors that elevate leaders and those who they lead.

Why the Compass Consultants Approach Works

An individual’s signature strengths are grounded in intrinsic motivation and manifest through thoughts, affect and behavior. Use of strengths intensifies a sense of authenticity and self-knowledge and potentially work satisfaction and performance.



Every individual has the capacity to be a leader. Great leaders effectively face complex demands, forge relationships, and build and maintain groups that perform well. Leadership skills may vary across time, context and relationships, but with the right tools, inherent strengths and capabilities can be activated to develop excellent leaders who, ethically and with integrity, manage complicated situations; inspire, delegate to and acknowledge the contributions of others; share and savor success and cope with crises; solicit and integrate advice, and make tough decisions.


All firms need to periodically review employee performance. Traditional reviews that emphasize problems have been shown not to improve performance, and can in fact generate dissatisfaction and poor performance. An approach that identifies employees’ strengths and encourages collaboration among supervisors and subordinates, validates what is going well, develops goals that build on previous success creates a culture where strengths are celebrated and leveraged for future advancement. An affirming, prospective process has the potential to generate positive, lasting benefits for employees, the organization and the bottom line.


Transitions initiate a process that requires letting go of what was and moving to what is now and what will be, where choices, with potentially far-ranging consequences must be made. Learning to navigate transitions in an ever-changing business landscape to get to a good, better, or amazing place; shifting mindsets to recast change as an opportunity to assess the health of, and determining and communicating, an updated prospective purpose for, the organization, can expand perspective to effectively deploy resources, adapt to new environments and mine new opportunities.

Next Steps...

Compass Consultants will design a customized plan to help you identify your needs and aim for, achieve and accomplish your personal and organizational intentions.