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Take your people to the next level

Encouraging your people to continually learn and grow gives organizations an edge.

Spirals of Success

Developing both the organization and the individual creates a positively mutually reinforcing environment where both can thrive.


Communication and Presentation

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in the business world, words matter. The words that are chosen, and presentation skills can gain or lose clients and customers, showcase you or your organization confidence and professionalism and promote your image and brand. Your presentation skills are the most fundamental elements of communication. How you and the members of your organization communicate both within the organization and externally to stakeholders, vendors and clients sends a message as to your capabilities and competence. IPS can work one-on-one and with groups to boost communication and presentation proficiency.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Negotiation is a conversation where the parties have intended outcomes. When parties are aligned, the negotiation moves easily through common ground to a satisfactory result. When parties are not aligned, the potential for conflict arises. Managing difficult conversations and conflicts requires processing and modulating reactions and gaining clarity around intentions and expectations to generate outcomes that are sufficiently acceptable to the parties involved. Understanding both the content and context of a situation sets the frame for maximizing a satisfactory resolution. IPS can teach skills and techniques for reality-checking perception, decoding information from multiple perspectives, identifying goals and developing strategies for optimal results.

Resilience/Playing to Your Strengths

Increasing evidence points to a connection between workplace engagement and a strengths-based management orientation. Attention to strengths can provide focus to develop goals and realistic action plans to motivate employees to use their strengths to attain positive behaviors and results. Feedback around strengths can help employees capitalize and apply their talents to new challenges. A shift from extensive attention to problems to a strengths orientation helps employees build on what they do well and address weaknesses, providing a foundation for continued development, and potentially increased engagement, work satisfaction, productivity, retention and profitability. Playing to strengths scaffolds resilience and the ability to take calculated risks and advantage of opportunities.

Next Steps...

Compass Consultants will design a customized plan to help you identify your needs and aim for, achieve and accomplish your personal and organizational needs and intentions.